Phase 1 Bermuda (Rails-Trails) Project Completed

Dr. Johansen is currently consulting with the Friends of the Bermuda Railway Trail on the 2nd Phase of the Bermuda Railway Trails Project. A total distance of approximately 800’-0” will be bridged. The bridges are designed to withstand a Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 150 mph. This criteria was used for the Phase 1 Bailey’s Bay (see photos) and Winton Hill bridges designed by Dr. Johansen which have been tested by four hurricanes since 2014 without incurring any structural damage. When Phase 2 is completed it will create an off-road route on the eastern end of the island for pedestrians and bicyclists which is approximately 5 miles in length. The trail across Flatts Inlet will have magnificent views down the North Shore towards Dockyard and looking back towards Flatts Village.